Exciting News for the 2015 Tour Season!

This year Wright's Fontana Boathouse is partnering with Explore Buffalo for all public and private tours!

Public tours are every Thursday at 1:00pm April through the end of October
All tour reservations can be made at
Individual Tours are $10 per person.
Group Tours (over 10 people). Group tours can be arranged outside of scheduled tour times.

A great architect is not made by way of a brain nearly so much as he is made by way of a cultivated, enriched heart ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Visit Frank Lloyd Wright's only rowing boathouse design sitting majestically on the shores of Buffalo's Black Rock Canal. The structure was one of Wright's most beloved works and one that he considered truly one of his best. You will have the rare chance to see one his designs in use for its originally intended purpose - an actual rowing facility - and hear the fascinating story of how it came to life in Buffalo more than 100 years after it was designed.

Bring your camera, since photos are allowed both inside and out, and capture the beautiful symmetry of the design that was the hallmark of some of Wright's best works. Find out how Wright pushed his signature prairie style design to even greater limits with this design, and why it was never built until 2007. Enjoy seeing the beauty of not only the building, but the Buffalo waterfront with spectacular views of Lake Erie, Canada and the mighty Niagara River.

A great story of great architecture, great determination and a great sport, touring the Fontana Boathouse will enlighten, entertain and enrich your appreciation of not only Wright's genius but of the sport of rowing.

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